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Colin Shove introducing the double new clients framework
The double new client framework

If you want more new clients read on and discover The Double Your New Clients Framework.

by Colin Shove

on 29 August 2022

Client using online booking on laptop
How do we get more online bookings?

Find out how to increase the chances of getting an appointment, and ultimately boost your online booking rate. Learn from industry experts who have seen success with their own clients.

by Colin Shove

on 5 January 2022

Woman wearing mud mask
Why and how you should be nurturing your existing client base

Did you know that gaining a new client can cost anywhere from five to twenty-five times more than simply retaining an existing one? Learn the benefits of nurturing current clients.

by Colin Shove

on 15 December 2021

woman sitting on floor and leaning on couch using laptop
How to design a professional consultation form

A professional consultation form can be the foundation of a great appointment. Follow the structure laid out in this article to build your own template.

by Kate

on 9 December 2021

Paper diary
Boost your salon’s promotions with a marketing calendar

Is it time you took a more proactive approach to managing your salon’s marketing? Learn about the benefits of creating a salon marketing calendar.

by Colin Shove

on 7 December 2021

Hair stylist using tablet
How to improve your hair and beauty salon business

Are you looking for ways to improve your hair and beauty salon business? Here are 3 tips that can help you maximise the opportunities of this busy time.

by Kate

on 6 December 2021

Empty chair
3 tips to reduce no-shows in your salon

If you’re a hairdresser or beauty therapist then you’re aware of how disruptive no-shows are. Here are three strategies to help you reduce your no-shows.

by Kate

on 2 December 2021

Santa ready for business
Bring your Christmas rush forward

How to maximise your revenue in the lead up to this Christmas? The Salon App salon software will generate smart marketing campaigns proven to encourage your clients to bring Christmas bookings...

by Colin Shove

on 5 November 2021

Fire works
Have a Record Breaking November!

It is a well known fact of the business that the two weeks before Christmas are the busiest two weeks in a salon’s year.

by Colin Shove

on 4 November 2021

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