Online Booking

Open forbusiness 24/7

Stay open for business around the clock by having your clients book appointments from your website or social media anytime.

Online booking on mobile device

More clients

Displaying a “book now” option on your website, social media and digital communications means your reception is accessible 24/7 so clients book as opposed to when you are open.

Stop no-shows

Online Booking Deposits could be the solution you've been looking for. Salons using this feature experience almost no no-shows, saving them thousands of pounds in lost revenue each year.

Optimised bookings

No need to worry about clients booking the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong order with the incorrect team member. Its all covered with Salon App Online Booking.


Easy and fast for your client to book their favourite service. Salon App Online Booking is fully responsive so it works as brilliantly on mobile. And its fast and secure.

Monetize website and social media

Display a "Book Now" button prominently on your website and social media channels and watch the appointments roll in. Optimised for both desktop and mobile formats, your clients can easily book appointments from any device, even when you're closed. Serve more clients and increase your profits.

Boost online presence

Increase your online presence by displaying a "Book Now" button on your website and social media.


Easily control which team members and services are available for online booking.

Available everywhere

Optimised for both desktop and mobile formats, allowing clients to easily book appointments from any device.

Online booking
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Reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations by more than 90% with The Salon App's automatic online deposits. Processing deposits online, you'll be able to secure appointments and practically eliminate no-shows. This means more revenue and fewer gaps in your diary.


Say goodbye to no-shows and last minute cancellations with The Salon App's automatic online deposits.


Secure appointments and practically eliminate no-shows with the help of online deposits.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue and decrease gaps in your schedule with the power of online deposits.

Mobile view of the salon app diary

Optimised bookings

Salon App will calculate the most efficient time for your clients booking ensuring you have the most available capacity in your diary possible and avoid any of those frustrating 15 minute gaps in your day. Link technical services to processing times and follow up bookings (in the correct order), ensuring that your team members don't run over time. Streamline the booking process and ensure that clients are only offered correct appointments.

Linked services

Link technical services to processing times to avoid team members running over time.


Only offer most efficient booking times avoiding unfillable space left in the diary.

Mobile view of the salon app diary

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Caroline Sanderson
I know the importance of efficiency and organisation in running a successful business. That's why I absolutely love the Salon App. It's incredibly easy to use and allows me to choose which treatments and team members are available for bookings online. Clients can simply book their own appointments at their convenience, and I arrive at the salon with more bookings in the diary than when I left! Overall, the Salon App has completely transformed the way I run my business, and I can't recommend it enough to other salon owners. Thank you Salon App for making my life so much easier!
Caroline SandersonSalon Owner, Author, and Salon Jedi

More clients

Salons offering online booking consistently get more new clients than those who do not. With the ability to schedule appointments 24/7 and the convenience of booking at a client's convenience, it's no surprise that more and more people are choosing to book with salons using this feature. So why wait? Start attracting more new clients to your salon today with The Salon App's Online Booking system.

Increased bookings

Salons running The Salon App's online booking system consistently get more new clients.

Available 24/7

The ability to schedule appointments 24/7 and the convenience of booking at a client's convenience makes it easy for clients to choose a salon using this feature.

Attact new clients

Attract more new clients to your salon with The Salon App's online booking system.

New clients last month

More clients chart


When an online booking is made confirmations are sent to your client and you are also notified. An icon is displayed on the booking, making it easy to see at a glance which appointments have been made online. As well as detailed online booking reports.

Client & salon notified

Both clients and salon owners are kept informed about appointments with Salon App's Online Booking Notifications.

Email & text

Clients receive notifications by email and/or text, while salon owners receive an email notification.

Diary icon

An icon on the booking displayed in the diary makes it easy to see which appointments were made online.

Online booking
I just wanted to thank The Salon App team for the automatic deposit system in the online booking feature. Since implementing it, I've seen a significant increase in new clients booking online and have had virtually no no-shows or last minute cancellations. It's been such a game changer for my salon and I can't recommend it enough. Thank you for making my life as a salon owner so much easier!
Matthew CluleeSalon Owner

Cancellation policy

A cancellation policy will restrict a client cancelling their appointment online and give you the option of retaining their deposit or refunding it. This is a great tool to inform your clients clearly and efficiently what your policies are around how much notice is required to cancel.

Retain deposits

The cancellation policy helps you manage appointments more effectively and retain deposits or refund them when needed.

Clear communication

The policy clearly communicates cancellation requirements to clients, reducing cancellations and improving communication.

Cancellation policy setting

Quickly fill cancelled booking slots

The online wait list gives your clients the option to be notified when space becomes available for their desired service.


Send marketing campaigns to clients on your wait list.

Fill empty slots

Ensure your business is running efficiently by minimising downtime.

Wait list