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salon software for hairdressing & beauty professionals

everything you need to grow your business


simple and fast bookings from your computer, tablet and phone.

point of sale compatible, automatic appointment reminders online bookings from your website, social platforms and marketing content. 


spend more time doing what you love knowing that your business can be managed from anywhere. team scheduling, management reports and stock control is easily accessible from anywhere

salon app software demo

watch a short video showing an overview of the salon app. get a n idea of some of the features available and the look and feel of how the platform might work for you. 

maximise your business potential

well organised hairdressing and beauty salons that are who are on top of their numbers and proactively marketing to clients are far more likely to thrive.

the salon app does much of this automatically.

avoid congestion at reception by simply processing bills and rebooking clients from the chair or treatment room using your phone or tablet. 

Online bookings, appointment confirmations and marketing campaigns are automatic. Welcome a new client, wish her happy birthday and ask for a review automatically

Salon App is a world class salon software platform built exclusively for hairdressing and beauty salons. It’s easy to use, fast and secure. it’s packed full of features designed to help you & your team achieve all you deserve. 

use reports to motivate and encourage your team to work at their best and give you clear indicators on your business performance.

use Marketing campaigns to engage and retain happy clients who visit frequently and stay for longer. Welcome new clients, incentivise existing clients and entice back clients that have moved on easily by email and text using smart “set & forget” marketing content.

reduce time spent on necessary admin tasks in the knowledge that your business information is available instantly from any device wherever you are whenever you want it. 


easy to use powerful text and email marketing suite which will accurately target specific clients and measure your response automatically. welcome new clients, nurture current clients and incentivise non returners.

want to find out more?

book a quick call with one of the salon app team by entering your phone number. we’ll call you and let you know how the salon app can help grow your salon. 

Online Wait List

Create a Wait List

Build an Online Wait List where you can simply add clients and they can also sign up online. 

Add Clients

Your unique link can be added to your web site, social media. Easily send invitations via email and text. Your clients can easily and quickly get signed up. 


When you have an opening send a message inviting your clients to book. 

customer support

we include free set up and training to get you and your team up and running quickly. team, services, clients, stock and schedules are all taken care of.

our support is available via live chat, telephone and email with response times typically just a couple of minutes during working hours. 

free training & support forever for all clients

Book a Remote Presentation

Remote Presentations

We present over Zoom  which allows you to meet with us wherever is convenient.

Choosing the right salon software is an important decision & it helps to be able to get yourself away from any noise and distractions. All you need is a laptop, tablet or even a mobile and somewhere to sit quietly. 

We can record the demo (with your permission) so you can watch it again and share with any other decision makers without having to try and remember everything that was said. Or you might want to watch again before making a final decision. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

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