Salon Appointment Software

Smart and comprehensive bookings.

Appointments in person and online

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Effortlessly easy to understand diary system.


Drag, drop and edit bookings, have them instantly update across all devices.


Let the software work for you by collecting data that you can use to increase bookings.

Your appointment book is at the heart of your salon

To run smoothly, your diary must be fast, simple to operate and completely reliable.

The Salon App appointment book is built within just one screen, uses fewer clicks than competitors and introduces dynamic lists which show you services and products you use most frequently at the top of every list, making selecting them lightning fast.

Runs on Mobile, Tablet & Computer

The Salon App diary is fast, easy to use and runs on mobile, tablet and computer. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous logins so you and your team can all make bookings at the same time as your clients can book online.

A truly scalable solution without putting extra strain on your pocket.

The Salon App being used on phone, tablet and computer

Drag and Drop

Make appointments longer or shorter with simple drag and drop.

You can just as easily move to a different time, make processing time longer or even drag to a new start time and day with the weekly view.

Do this from any device, anywhere.

Showing the ease of drag and drop in The Salon App

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Voice Recognition

No longer any need to wait for space at reception to add your client notes. Simply open your clients record on your phone or tablet, select the microphone icon and just speak.

Your notes will be transcribed automatically into The Salon App

team member using voice recognition on their phone with The Salon App

Optimise Rebookings

Rebookings directly affect team performance and suggesting the ideal time to rebook makes this process even more slick.

The Salon App automatically calculates average client frequency with every transaction so the optimum rebooking time is clearly displayed when you ask your client to book before paying.

No more aimlessly looking back through the diary when your clients asks “how long do I normally leave it”?

Image of the Salon App

Colour Coded Bookings

See the status of a booking in an instant. Statuses shown are pending, in-salon and paid. With optional views for no-show and cancellations

Color coded bookings in the Salon App

KPI Icons

Bookings will display KPI icons to signify if an online deposit has been received, the appointment is confirmed, was made online and the number of visits is clearly displayed making it easy to identify new and longstanding clients at a glance

Icons on bookings

Editable Time Slots

No need to get stuck with the standard 15-minute diary.

Diary time slots can be switched between 5, 10, 15 and 30-minute options allowing you to quickly add an extra 5 minutes to a booking.

Or if you are looking at your diary on a small screen you have the option to zoom in or out to make it just as easy to use as your main system at work.

Shows adjustable time slot lengths

Multi Team Week View

Ever tried to book a client in with 2 team members who are at opposite ends of the diary?

The Salon App will enable you to select multiple team members and even display them in a weekly view.

Simply drag and drop bookings with more than one team member across more than one day.

Week view on the Diary of Salon App

Fast, Simple Navigation

Navigate quickly and easily by day, week, month and even year with The Salon App superfast diary navigation.

It works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Navigating the Diary of the Salon App

No more Scrolling

Salon App uses the very latest lightning-fast search features for dynamic listing.

This means that services, treatments and products are displayed in priority order displaying the items you use most at the top.

You can still search for something if you want, or even use a barcode scanner, it’s just so fast that you probably won’t need to.

Fast searching with The Salon App