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Relationship Based Salon Marketing

Relationship Based Salon Marketing Book


Choose who you want to market to by filtering down your client list.


Preemptively plan your marketing campaigns to be sent when they are most effective.


Personalise each message sent by automatically inputting client details.

We built the Relationship-Based Salon Marketing method for you to achieve the best results from your salon marketing. Using Salon App as your front of house salon booking system automatically creates what we refer to as touchpoints, which facilitate personalised, specific client selections.

This means that whenever a client hears from you, they know three things:

  • 2. What’s in it for me (WIIFM): the reason for this message.
  • 1. It’s Personal: your message is personalised and relevant (not junk).
  • 3. Next Steps: What do I do now? For example Call, Book, or review.

You send fewer messages but the people that receive them are more likely to return. So you spend less and earn more.

Relationship based salon marketing


Get started by splitting your clients into three core groups.

Attract -In this initial group you can adopt strategies that reliably double your number of new clients and ensure they come back time and again.

Nurture -Impact the client frequency, your average bill and your average client lifetime with tried and tested Nurture based campaigns,

Reconnect -clients inevitably stop visiting and reconnecting is a very efficient way to minimise the impact of this. As the saying goes “it costs less to keep an existing client than to win a new one”

Craft messages to people based on the stage of the relationship you have. For example, you could adopt this tone with a new client: “Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by for the first time today. It was lovely to meet you & we are looking forward to seeing you again very soon. If you need anything in the meantime our contact number is 01273 921611 & you were looked after today by Kate.” Where-as a regular client may receive “Hello Paula, it was lovely to see you again today as always…”

Your client being spoken to in a tone that reflects their relationship status with you will dramatically increase your response rates.


Create beautiful emails in minutes, using a simple drag & drop email editor.

Add photographs, links and video.

Salon App includes free ongoing training and support and we love nothing more than working with you to enhance your brand and build content that adds value straight to your bottom line.

a template for a salon app marketing email

Use automtically calculated Client frequency

Win lapsed clients back with personalised, relevant text messages sent to your clients when they have stopped visiting. Calculate the most effective time to send this using the accurate average client frequency always running in the background of Salon App

A text message on a phone asking for a patch test before clients appointment

Speak to one of our team and learn more about Salon App…

Automatic Booking Confirmations & Reminders

See unwanted No Shows and Last minute cancellations disappear with automatic appointment reminders sent ahead of your client’s booking.

Customise your message to include unique information to your salon or use our popular templates which insert your client’s name, details of their appointment and your contact details.

Available as text and or email there is an option to send confirmations when the booking is made and or reminders 48 hours before (although this timeframe is editable).

Happy client with confirmation booking text on phone

GDPR and Marketing Preferences

Marketing preferences are built into our platform making it easy for your team to include or exclude clients from your marketing messages and all text and email templates have a unsubscribe option where your clients can update their preferences and opt-in or out of your communications.

There is also an Anomylise option in client records which will remove all contact information and information held at your client’s request.

image of GDPR logo and option to unsubscribe and update preferences included

There are events that will happen in the running of every salon business that we know will happen, we just don’t know when they are going to happen.

For example, team members leave. Sometimes they tell you they are going to one thing (go on an around the world trip) and do something quite different (take a job with your main competitor). It is not always so dramatic. It may be that there is a sudden change in weather, it rains and everyone stays in or the sun comes out unexpectedly and we all head to the beach.

Whatever the event Contingency Campaigns are great. Have a series of campaigns ready for when that team member leaves or you suddenly have unexpected diary space to fill.

Salon App has the facility to create “Draft Campaigns” ahead of time. Now when you get that unexpected event at least you will be prepared.

Automatic Smart Campaigns

Time is at a premium for most salon owners and managers, often balancing running the business in between clients packed into a busy diary. The irony is you are often the last person that needs extra clients yet are tasked with the job of getting them in for your less busy team members.

Smart Campaigns are campaigns that are activated to run automatically. Covering messaging that sits within the Relationship-Based Salon Marketing you can look after your clients (or take the day off) in the knowledge that your marketing gets done at the same time every time.

Salon app smart marketing campaign

Appointment Due Reminders

How often does your client arrive telling you they have been meaning get in for ages, they just didn’t get around to booking?

Appointment Due Reminders use your client’s average frequency and automatically generates a polite “its time to book” prompt when they are about due but do not currently have an appointment.

It works wonders with almost 30% of clients receiving this “nudge” booking within seven days of receiving it.

Sms text messaging showing that booking date is over due

What Our Clients Say...

Sue Ottah Sue Jane Hair & Beauty

I routinely use Salon App marketing. It's simple and straightforward and I love that I can do it ahead of time. A recent campaign generated more than £2000!

Sue Ottah

Sue Jane Hair & Beauty

Steve O'Rourke So Hairdressing

"Just brilliant! The Salon App marketing generates messages automatically and I stand back and watch the diary fill up. When we see lower than expected pre booked revenue we generate a campaign in minutes"

Steve O'Rourke

So Hairdressing

Rating and Reviews

Get real-time feedback from your clients and share it on a live dashboard with your team. Rank team members by their rating and read reviews.

The best bit is that all 5* reviews get redirected to your Google profile which is proven to increase the number of new clients through your door.

Salon apps ratings and reviews system on mobile and desktop computers