Why aftercare messages help to build professional salons

• Written by Colin Shove

Why aftercare messages help to build professional salons

Aftercare is a vital part of the client journey that sets your business apart from the rest.

Most salons overlook this level of detail, so when you go the extra mile, your clients will notice. And if they decide to try a competitor who doesn't provide the same aftercare, they will likely remember the difference.

It's easy to overlook aftercare when we do something repeatedly. It's like driving home and forgetting how you got there. You left work, unlocked your car, manoeuvred through traffic, and before you know it, you're home without recalling the specifics of the journey. Or imagine trying to explain how to tie your shoes without showing someone?

As a salon professional, you probably perform the same services or treatments multiple times a week, maybe even multiple times a day. It's no wonder that sometimes we slip into "autopilot." While your standard of work may remain unaffected, focusing on the various steps ensures your clients receive the best from you every time. And this attention to detail shouldn't end when your client pays their bill.

Most services and treatments offer lasting benefits that can be further enhanced if clients follow some simple steps after their appointment. It could be as easy as drinking water and taking a relaxing bath after a massage or avoiding shampooing their hair for 48 hours after a colour treatment.

In an ideal world, we would remember to communicate all these details to every client every time. But we're only human, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. That's where technology can help. The beauty of technology is that once you set it to do something automatically, it continues until you instruct it to stop (unlike some people). So leveraging technology to enhance your clients' experience makes perfect sense.

To get started, create a list of your most frequently booked services and identify five actions your clients can take to enhance their results at home. Download "The Perfect Aftercare Template Builder" to start creating email or text templates to send to clients after their visit. Keep it concise and clear so your clients can quickly understand how the aftercare instructions can benefit them.

At The Salon App, we provide software specifically designed for independent salons to increase client numbers, build high-performing teams, and save time. Our aftercare messaging feature is an easy-to-use tool loved by many of our professional customers. If you want to learn more, watch a short demo to see how it can benefit your salon.

Written by Colin Shove

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