Transform your walk-in client experience

• Written by Colin Shove

Transform your walk-in client experience

Make the most of digital consultations to strengthen client relationships, boost sales, and make your team truly stand out.

New clients are invaluable, particularly to a team member keen to expand their clientele. However, these new faces represent the most delicate element of a client base.

On average, a mere 15% of new clients return for a second visit, and only half of those for a third. The reasons behind this? Primarily, new clients aren't always those who have been personally recommended and look forward to their pre-booked appointments. Instead, many are walk-ins who choose to visit when they find a spare moment, which is often during lunch hours, post-work, or weekends — times when your team may be looking to take a break, preparing to leave, or rushed off their feet!

Additionally, new clients can often feel apprehensive; after all, they are yet to experience your services and may feel slightly vulnerable, especially if their team member appears a bit hurried.

A planned process can improve virtually any business process, and using a walk-in strategy is certainly no exception. Instead of having a client wait before an available team member rushes into the appointment, invite the client to sit and complete a brief form.

Executed well, this can convey that your salon is more of a boutique type establishment and that you're committed to exceeding their expectations. The completed form can offer valuable insights to the team member for their one-to-one consultation.

Though the information required may vary from one salon to another, there are a couple of pointers to consider:

  1. Keep the form concise so that your client can complete it swiftly and easily.
  2. Include only information that will enhance your client's experience. The goal is not to replace conversation with a form but to improve it.

Here are a few examples of details you might wish to include:

  • Refreshment Preferences: Provide a selection of available refreshments so the client can choose their preference. This way, you'll "remember" their choice for their future visits.

  • Homecare: Enquire if the client wishes to be informed about the best home care maintenance and products during their appointment. This approach can help motivate your team to perform better with retail, meeting the client's expectations rather than being perceived as pushy salespeople.

  • Quiet Appointment Preferences: A checkbox to request a quiet appointment (post-consultation) can significantly improve the client's comfort and overall experience.

  • Picture Uploads: Allow the client to upload images of their desired results, ensuring better understanding and managing expectations efficiently. After all, a picture does speak a thousand words.

So, consider this: Could you enhance your "walk-in" client experience if you knew this information prior to the initial consultation? And wouldn't your client be more likely to return?

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Written by Colin Shove

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