Elevating client experiences with concierge Digital Consultation Forms

• Written by Colin Shove

Elevating client experiences with concierge Digital Consultation Forms

In the competitive world of salon business, making an incredible first impression is not just a nicety – it's a necessity.

Today's discerning clients are seeking personalised, seamless experiences that make them feel valued right from the get-go. One key tool that is helping salon professionals deliver this elevated experience is the Concierge Digital Consultation Form.

Concierge Digital Consultation Forms are an innovative feature of The Salon App, designed to empower salon stylists and therapists with the information they need to create an exceptional client experience. Especially for salons with larger teams, these digital forms have proven to be an invaluable asset in their customer service strategy.

Preparation and personalisation

These digital consultation forms allow salon professionals to prepare ahead of a client's appointment, equipping them with essential details such as client names, their preferred refreshments, and even the magazines they enjoy. This level of personalisation, often unexpected by clients, enhances their experience and builds a strong rapport from the outset.

Imagine a scenario where a client walks into your salon for the first time, and the stylist greets them by name, offers them their favourite tea, and hands them the latest issue of their favourite magazine. This kind of attention to detail can make a client feel truly special, setting your salon apart from the competition.

Encouraging open communication

Digital consultation forms are not just about gathering basic details. They can also include questions that clients might feel uncomfortable answering in person, such as their preference for conversation during their appointment. Clients can indicate whether they enjoy chatting throughout their service or prefer a more tranquil experience.

Another example is their preference regarding product recommendations. Some clients might feel overwhelmed or pressured when stylists recommend products during an appointment. By asking this question ahead of time, stylists can respect their clients' preferences, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable salon experience.

Flexibility and convenience

The Salon App enables these digital consultation forms to be generated and sent to clients ahead of their first appointment. This can be done via text or email, offering clients the convenience of completing the form at their own pace, in the comfort of their home.

Moreover, for clients who prefer to complete the form at the salon, the option is available to do so via a tablet while they wait for their appointment to start. This flexibility not only enhances the client's experience but also maximises the efficiency of salon operations.


Concierge Digital Consultation Forms are revolutionising the way salons interact with their clients. They offer a means to deliver exceptional, personalised service that makes a lasting first impression. They also provide a platform for open, comfortable communication between clients and salon professionals.

For salon owners with larger teams, these online consultation forms are a powerful tool to standardise the level of service across all staff members. By integrating these digital forms into your salon processes, you can significantly enhance your client experience, setting your salon up for long-term success in a competitive industry.

In the digital age, it's these innovative tools and approaches that will define the salons that lead the industry. Embrace the power of Concierge Digital Consultation Forms and watch your client relationships and business thrive.

Written by Colin Shove

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