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• Written by Colin Shove

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Realtime Client Ratings & Reviews

Motivating team members is generally considered to be challenging. We make excuses that people are motivated or inspired differently and that salon professionals are “creatives” and therefore will not always respond to traditional “sell more” mantras.

A common trait shared by many is pride. Few people who do this job do not want the client to be happy with the outcome.

You may already know my background is hairdressing. I ran a salon business for 15 years and worked as a stylist for more than 20. One of my “stock” jokes is “I was so bad as a stylist I needed to get another job,” but even though I have now worked in salon technology for as long as I was a stylist part of me still feels it necessary to qualify this by saying something like “not really I was actually quite good.” Even after all this time I still wouldn’t want you to think I was a terrible stylist and I’m not ever going to do your hair.

Everyone doing this job wants the client to be happy.

Over the last few weeks I have asked dozens of people how they would feel if over the last month their clients had been asked to rate them between 1 and 5 star, how they would feel with an average rating of 4.2. Most suggested they would prefer it to be 5 star, but shrugged and accepted it could be worse until I suggested that their colleague had done the same but got an average 4.8! The competitive pride quickly kicked in.

Leaderboard will contact your client shortly after their appointment asking them to rate their experience. Their feedback includes a 1 to 5 star rating and an optional comment. This rating is displayed in the Leaderboard with all team members average rating displayed in order. If a client rates their experience with a 5* they will be redirected to your Google profile and the review shared publicly

In addition to client feedback Leaderboard will display the following 3 valuable stats with an option to sort in order of team ranking:

Rebooking Rate: is a classic KPI which when consistently high increases client frequency, client lifetime value and revenue. Salon App calculates the number of clients rebooking on the same day of a clients last booking and displays this in your Leaderboard

Percentage Retail: Often known as the “Care factor” is the percentage of clients buying retail. This powerful indicator provides insights into the types of conversations your team are having with clients. Are they just enjoying general chit chat? Or are they steering the client towards maintaining their best results at home?

Average Bill: is increased by adding services and retail to a client’s visit. Leaderboard will display salon averages so a team member can see at a glance how they compare.

Written by Colin Shove

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