How Google Reviews Can Revolutionise Your Salon Business

• Written by Colin Shove

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Would you believe us if we told you there’s a magic formula to deliver increased revenue to your salon, month after month?

Well, there is, and we’re prepared to tell you for free. We’re not bluffing.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a three-step process for delivering tremendous revenue growth for your business and give you the tools to build on your success into the future.

The Secret Sauce

Part 1: The secret sauce

If the growth of your salon was solely reliant on you, the salon owner, life would be simple, wouldn’t it?

But we all know this isn’t generally possible, and a salon business that grows is one with a healthy relationship between the owner and the team members. As the saying goes, a team is only as strong as its weakest link.

So, how can you get your team to maximise their output, provide an exceptional client experience and make the salon more money?

Below is our 3-step formula:

  • Step 1: Win large numbers of new clients
  • Step 2: Turn new clients into repeat business
  • Step 3: Improve the quality of the repeat business

In the next section, we’ll explain exactly how we go about turning on the client tap and help you generate lots of new business, which in turn, you’ll build into a great new revenue generator.

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Part 2: The massive value of Google reviews

If you ask most business owners what they think about Google reviews, they’ll probably say that they know that they’re valuable, but that the amount of time they have to spend asking clients for recommendations doesn’t necessarily outweigh the recommendations that filter back – especially if you receive the dreaded 1-star review.

At Salon App, we wanted to test the commercial value of salons that ask their clients for Google reviews, versus those that don’t.

So we ran a trial through the Salon App, finding that:

  • Salons that DID NOT request Google reviews receive ~7% new clients
  • 85% of of those do NOT revisit

Now let’s compare that to salons that do request Google reviews:

  • Salons that DID request Google reviews receive ~17% new clients
  • AND 50% of those come back for a revisit

What this means is that not only do salons that request Google reviews generate a higher number of new clients, but they also improve their rebooking rate.

Part three: What to do with your new stream of clients?

The simple answer is to turn them all into valuable repeat business that is making a measurable impact on your business.

Three key stats that all salon owner cares about are:

  1. Rebooking rate: client re-books before they leave
  2. Retail rate: the percentage of clients that buy retail
  3. Average bill- When somebody comes in for a cut, do they also get a colour and take a product home? The Salon App can help you and your team improve performance across these three areas instantly. Salon App has an automatic Google review feature that sends a request to your client. Every 5-star review is redirected to the salon’s Google profile, effectively leveling the playing field against your competition.

Even better, Salon App tracks your team key performance indicators, helping to improve their competitiveness and therefore drive up performance.

Let’s face it, team members choosing this business might not be the most motivated to generate a top rebooking rate or retail rate, but everyone wants to be known as a fantastic hairdresser.

By being able to directly compare their own performance against their colleagues, everybody’s performance benefits, and this directly impacts your salon’s bottom line.

So, if you’d like to see how the Salon App can help drive growth in your business, arrange a demo below

Written by Colin Shove

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