Automations: How to buy back time

• Written by Colin Shove

Automations: How to buy back time

In this article, we'll explore a time saving solution that can free you up, improve client relationships, and drive your salon's growth: the power of automations.

The Salon Owner's Dual Role: In the Business and On the Business

If you own a salon you wear many hats, you are probably the busiest member of the team. Your days are filled with looking after clients and ensuring they are happy. So, this often leaves you little time to focus on the strategic aspects of your salon – the 'on the business' tasks that drive growth. Emergencies and firefighting can pull you away from these crucial tasks, leaving you feeling short of achieving your full potential.

Urgent vs. Important: The Dilemma

You're well aware of what needs to be done to steer your salon towards success. Yet, the constant influx of urgent matters can steer your attention away from the truly important tasks. This dilemma is a common struggle, often leaving you feeling as though you’'re juggling responsibilities without making substantial progress.

Using Technology for Relationship Building

While it's often said that technology can replace personal relationships, the truth is that it can also enhance them significantly. Consider automations, tools that can revolutionise how you build and nurture relationships within your salon.

The Transformational Role of Automations

Imagine having an employee who flawlessly performs tasks exactly as you request, following your instructions to the letter, without skipping a beat. This is where automations step in. While delegating tasks to your team is valuable, automation offers a level of consistency and efficiency that's hard to match.

Automations can be applied to numerous aspects of your salon, such as:

Here are just a few examples: Sending appointment reminders and confirmations, sending aftercare messages following specific services, automatically updating client profiles and stock inventory. Reporting and analysis, online Booking and client deposits and so much more.

The possibilities are vast, and the benefits are immediate. Automations remove the burden of repetitive tasks, ensuring that important communications and processes are carried out seamlessly.

The Salon App is an all in one booking, management and marketing software designed exclusively for professional salons so that they can build faster and more easily. It is tailor-made for professional salons like yours. The Salon App includes many automations making it easy for you to experience a new level of efficiency and growth.

Ready to discover more about automations? Schedule a demo with The Salon App and discover how it can help you drive your salon's success and save you time.

Written by Colin Shove

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