Unleash your team's sales potential: Boosting sales at your salon

• Written by Colin Shove

Unleash your team's sales potential: Boosting sales at your salon

If you've ever struggled to get your team to sell more or wished they could make more money, you're not alone.

We get it – it's frustrating when despite your encouragement, the results don't show. In this article, we're going to talk about how you can inspire your team to sell more and bring in more money for your salon.

Keeping Your Team Motivated

It’s hard to keep telling your team to sell more. Sometimes, they might even need a little push or some friendly nudging. It's all about finding ways to keep them excited and motivated, without making things feel too complicated.

Breaking Down the "More"

One of the big challenges is figuring out what "more" actually means. Sure, you've got a number in your head, but how often do you stop and think about what that number really involves? That's where numbers and math come into play.

Let's Do the Math

Let's take a simple example. Imagine you want to make an extra £200 a week in sales. First, find out how much money each client usually spends (your average bill). Divide your target (£200) by this amount to find out how many clients you need.

For example:

Target: £200 Average spend per client: £40 £200 / £40 = 5 clients

So, to reach your target, you need 5 more clients each week. If your team member works 5 days, that's just 1 extra client each day.

Boosting Success with The Salon App

The Salon App is all in one booking, management and marketing software made especially for salons. It helps you with appointments, managing your salon, and getting the word out there. It also helps you quickly find out how your team is doing.

Using Data for Better Results

The Salon App gives you super useful info on demand. You can see how each team member is doing, spot trends in sales, and see if you're getting closer to your goals. With this info, you can train your team better and help them improve where they need to.

Managing and Getting the Word Out

Running a salon can be a bit of a juggle – from booking appointments to making sure you've got enough supplies. The Salon App makes these things easy, so you have more time to focus on working in your business as opposed to working in it. It can even send your clients personalised incentives, which can bring them back and help you earn more.

Wrapping It Up

Getting your team to sell more doesn't have to be a big hassle. By understanding your goals, using the info The Salon App gives you, and using it to make things smoother, you can help your team succeed. Take charge of your salon's growth, help your team shine, and watch your earnings go up.

Written by Colin Shove

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