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• Written by Colin Shove

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Step 2 - Relationship Based Salon Marketing - Nurture

Welcome to part two, intrepid explorer, of our comprehensive guide to Salon App’s client relationship management system, which we like to call Relationship-based Salon Marketing.

In last week’s blog, we discussed part one of the process: Attract. Here, we show you how to communicate with your trusted clients while you’re deep into your professional relationship with them to Nurture them and build a lasting partnership.

What’s nurture?

When a client has a lifetime of over three visits, it’s probably fair to say that they are no longer new clients, and they are now loyal to your business.

Or are they?

Client loyalty is a key metric for the salon industry, and that’s because we all know that maintaining a client relationship over the months and years is difficult, but it’s also financially rewarding.

Most industry professionals believe that when an existing client leaves your business and goes to one of your competitors, it’s because they are dissatisfied with your service. So, the result is you take it personally. Of course, you do – why wouldn’t you?

But what if we told you a different story? Let’s use this real-life example as a way into the discussion:

Mary comes into the salon every six weeks for a cut and blow-dry. One day, she gets bored and feels like a style change. She decides that a clean break with her current stylist would be better than staying where she is, so she goes to the salon down the road and thinks nothing of it.

So, Mary simply got bored. There was nothing wrong with her current stylist or salon – except, perhaps, that they didn’t make an effort to nurture their relationship properly.

Perhaps, if the salon was using Salon App’s Relationship-based Salon Marketing, things would have gone differently, and Mary would still be a client.

The six strategies of Nurture

So, without further ado. Here are the five strategies that Salon App uses to stop your own Mary from jumping ship:

1. Your appointment is due

Salon App is built from the ground up to be your scheduling tool, diary, and client database all in one. Using artificial intelligence (AI) Salon App continually tracks your client frequency, it will recognise they are due to book and automatically send a prompt to make an appointment.

And get this: **30% of those who receive a message on average will walk through the salon door. **

That’s practically a third – pretty impressive.

2. Happy Birthday!

Salon App can store your client’s birthday, and will send them a message in advance, inviting them to visit the salon ahead of their special day. Salon App can also incentivise their visit, too, so if you want to provide exceptional client service on their special day, this could be the way to do it. However you want to play it, Salon App helps your client to feel cared for.

3. Touchpoints

Salon App automatically generates client touchpoints that provide personalised, specific client selections. So, what does this mean? It means that when a client hears from you, they know:

It’s personalised and relevant (not nonsense) What’s in it for them – what the contents of the message is about The next steps to take – ‘give us a call’ / ‘book here’, etc… Ultimately, these touchpoints help you spend less money on your communication by sending fewer messages, but guarantees that what you are sending hits the mark.

4. Loyalty Rewards

A well-nurtured client is a loyal client. So, Salon App comes pre-built with great incentives to help your salon attract and retain clients, whether through a traditional loyalty offering such as a discount or through clever gifting.

5. Thank you

When somebody thanks you, it feels good, doesn’t it?

Salon App might just be the friendliest front of house booking platform on the market. This is all thanks to its ability to send loyal clients a thank you text message or email after every six (you set the frequency) visits, letting them know they’re loved.

6. Anniversary

It’s not just birthdays that Salon App recognises, it’s all kinds of milestones and anniversaries. Let Salon App send out a personalised congratulatory message on your clients’ major anniversaries, like 12 months since their first appointment.

So, now you know about how Salon App can help your salon team to nurture your existing clients with exceptional communication, book a demo with us today using the form below.

Written by Colin Shove

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