Attract – Relationship-Based Salon Marketing

• Written by Colin Shove

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Step 1 – Attract: Relationship-Based Salon Marketing

Last week, we introduced the client relationship management framework that Salon App uses to help deliver thousands of successful client interactions, Relationship-based marketing.

If you’d like a refresher course on how that works, you can go here to read more about it.

Okay, ready to proceed?

This week, we’re going to be looking at step one of that process: Attract.

So how does Attract work? And what can it do for the quality of client interactions your salon has with its client base on a daily basis? Read on to find out more.

Attract more new clients & convert them to regulars

So, what is Attract?

Simply, Attract is part one of the three-part framework that is Relationship-based salon marketing. The core purpose of it is to help engage or reengage-a client through an exceptional interaction that is selective, specific and relevant. This helps to encourage clients back into your salon, creating repeat business and solidifying their loyalty to your brand.

There are five key stages (plus a bonus stage) that make up Attract. The first two are all about attracting new clients to your salon.

1. Google Reviews

Google Reviews are a game-changer when it comes to leveling the playing field against your competition. Salon App users can take advantage of the automated Google Reviews tools built into the platform.

As we’ve written about before, we did a little experiment using the automated Google Reviews functionality built into Salon App. We wanted to test the commercial value of salons that ask their clients for Google Reviews, versus those that don’t. We found:

  • 25 salons that DID NOT request Google reviews receive ~7% new clients
  • 85% of of those do NOT revisit

Now let’s compare that to salons that do request Google reviews:

  • 25 salons that DID request Google reviews receive ~17% of additional new clients
  • AND 50% of those come back for a revisit

That’s a huge difference, right?

If you want to see results like those in your salon, start using Google Reviews as part of your attraction process.

2. Referrals

Another great way to introduce new clients to your team is through referrals. After a client visits your salon, Salon App customers can send an automated text message or email to their client, thanking them for their visit, and if they think they had a great experience to recommend your salon to a friend.

It can trigger this message automatically after a client leaves a 4 or 5* review to ensure you are asking clients likely to want to spread the word!

Written by Colin Shove

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