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• Written by Colin Shove

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3 things to remember when you lockdown

so here we go again, another national lockdown.

during the coming days and weeks the team at salon app will be sharing several approaches to ensure that you have an outstanding pre-christmas season and you generate revenue while closed.

in the meantime there are *3 key things *you need to remember to do to ensure you don’t send mixed messages to your clients and avoid unnecessary cost

deactivate or edit confirmations – ensure unwanted marketing messages are paused – keep online booking accurate by marking team absent

deactivate or edit appointment confirmations

appointment confirmations are automatic and will continue to send to any clients in advance of a pending appointment. the simplest way to stop this is to deactivate reminders . although if bookings are marked as cancelled the conformation will not run.

alternatively the confirmation can be edited and repurposed to send an alternative message. for example asking the client to reschedule, checking in or simply wishing them well.

most importantly ensure that one of the options is taken and avoid clients receiving an inaccurate confirmation.

switch off selected smart campaigns

several smart marketing campaigns are are sent to clients when they are overdue which will clearly be inappropriate during this time. remember to turn off these campaigns, only leaving content that may add value during lockdown such as birthday greetings and courtesy messages. for example its very appropriate to tell a client you were delighted to see them but not so much that they are overdue and best make an appointment when you are closed.

the lockdown checklist has clear instructions how to do this

mark team as absent, leave online booking active

making your team absent will ensure that your online booking will only accept bookings from clients when appointments are available. reopening in the run up to Christmas is going to be extremely busy and clients being able to book at their convenience as opposed to trying to get through on the phone will add value and make things easier for them and you.

you can only deal with one call at a time whereas online booking can be used simultaneously by many. online booking deposits can be configured to take full payment ensuring that your clients show up and you keep revenue coming in during november.

Written by Colin Shove

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