How salon software can help you keep clients when a stylist leaves

• Written by Colin Shove

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How salon software can help you keep clients when a stylist leaves

Lockdown has been an unprecedented time. Everyone in the industry has been affected regardless of position and it’s unsettling.

This causes some to reevaluate. During the last few weeks I have spoken to many hair and beauty salon owners and it seems that this "unsettling" in some instances has resulted in hair stylists and beauty therapists moving on. It might be a New career, no career, working for themselves in salons, mobile or from home and in some cases from the salon up the street.

Social media gives us all a way to contact people and tell them what we are doing. This is just as simple for a hair stylist or beauty therapist leaving your salon as it is for you to tell people you are still there! So its really important to use the tools available to you to maintain as much clientele as you can.

Here are some ideas, suggestions and techniques to show you how to use salon software and particularly The Salon App to retain most of the clients that will otherwise follow your team leaver or try somewhere new.

Act Quickly

Contact your clients very promptly. Ideally before your ex employee.

It’s really important to remain professional. Until recently you trusted this person to look after your clients and represent your business so remain complementary.

Something like "Mark is a real talent and we have loved working with him. We wish him every success for the future". Then recommend the client books with another colleague who works just like Mark. They could be Mark’s protege or even his mentor having taught him almost everything he knew.

Email and text are the fastest ways to communicate and done well will have a very positive impact, although, if you have time telephoning clients is a very personal and therefore powerful approach.

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Beat the same drum

Ensure that your remaining team members are well versed in what’s happened and when clients call have a good response and proactive offer well rehearsed.

Avoid any team gossip its essential to come across as a tight and professional team.

Be Generous

Clients have got out of the habit of visiting your salon over the last few months and to top that their favourite stylist or therapist has left. Give them a good reason to stay.

If they go elsewhere you may never see them again and get nothing. A generous incentive will reduce your income a little once or twice but a new long term relationship with the client will repay you many times.

For example:

Jayne, who trained Mark would love to look after you and will reduce your first visit with her by 50%.

Put your best foot forward

It’s tempting to use someone leaving as an opportunity to build up a less busy team member. It makes sense on paper to push clients to the person with the most capacity.

Put yourself in your clients position and ask "is this the best person to retain your leavers clientele?"

Knowingly steering clients to a team member that will not at the very least meet your clients expectation and ideally exceed your clients expectations will only end one way.

Follow up

Treat these clients like royalty. Send a follow up after their visit to ensure they are happy. If they have not re-booked after a few weeks send another offer.

Retention is key and a client being "courted" will respond far more than one who is not.

Written by Colin Shove

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