Coronavirus: 5 Things Your hair & beauty salon can Do

• Written by Colin Shove

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5 things you can do to mitigate risk, protect staff, and support clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is increasing panic throughout the salon industry surrounding COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus.

Instilling confidence in your clients and team, by following best practice to keep them healthy & well will position you and your business in the best light.

1. Salon Policy Template

Below is a basic example of areas you might like to cover with regard to a salon policy. The health and wellbeing of our clients and our team are our top priority. We are committed to upholding the following strategy and initiatives.

We are closely monitoring the daily changing government guidelines and following their instructions accordingly.

If you are not feeling well, we ask you to postpone your appointment until you are feeling better.

Upon arrival, our teams will let you know about our hygiene facilities that are on hand.

We will offer a warm welcome, but we will not offer a handshake or any other physical contact.

We ask for your help in washing your hands thoroughly when you arrive. Our team have committed to wash hands thoroughly every 2 hours.

We are cleaning and sanitising all touched surfaces i.e. door handles, cloakrooms etc. every 2 hours.

We have temporarily removed magazines and books.

Our credit card terminal will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes regularly throughout the day.

Where possible we are reducing the density of styling points with immediate effect, so there is greater distance between you and other clients.

Any team member that presents symptoms, however mild, will not be entering the salon for 14 days, we have increased our support to them via their sick-pay benefit.

Team members not engaged in hands on styling will adhere to the 2 metre distance rule from clients and colleagues as much as possible, as recommended by the government.

Please continue to come and see us!

2. Share

Display your policy clearly around your salon, post to your social media and add to your website.

3. Email

Use your email list and send your policy to your clientele.

4. Contact Clients before booking

Contact your clients ahead of their booking and confirm they are not experiencing symptoms. If they have politely ask that they reschedule after a period of isolation from the start of the symptoms.

5. Edit Booking Confirmations

If you send text or email appointment reminders include this information as part of your reminder.

Written by Colin Shove

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