salon loyalty

say thank you to loyal clients and make new clients loyal

reward your existing clients loyalty and increase new client retention

we all like to be recognised and made to feel valuable. loyalty schemes are a tried and tested method for achieving this and we are all used to seeing their implementation whether its at the supermarket or the coffee shop. 

another benefit often overlooked is that a well presented loyalty scheme will have a positive impact on the pace that your stylists and therapists become established. their clients accruing points and enjoying rewards is proven to accelerate the rate at which clients become regulars to your salon which in turn will speed up the rate at which your team members become established. 

"our client love our loyalty scheme! it keeps them coming back more often and increases the speed at which new therapists establish a lasting relationship with their clients."
Face Facts

versatile salon loyalty options to suit you

Points by spend

points by spend is the most popular way that salons award points to their clients. it is simple to explain and for your clients to understand how they get points. 

Typically salons running this way will reward clients with 1 point for each £1 spent. 

Using smart branded loyalty fobs keeps both the stylist and the client conscious of your scheme. 

the more points a client accrues the more likely she is to remain loyal to your salon. 

points by visit

a point or points for each visit tends to be adopted more frequently by barbers. it takes it origin from a “coffee shop” style scheme where a client will receive a gift or reward after so many visits. 

i.e visit 9 times and get the 10th visit free. 

branded key fobs encourage the use of the scheme along with loyalty to the team member and or salon. 


rewards vary but the simpler your offering the more engagement you can expect. you can either offer a financial reduction where when a client reaches a certain number of points they will receive a reduction their bill and the points balance will automatically be reduced in exchange. 

also popular is promote different complimentary or reduced cost services or products. 

this allows you to “show case” seasonal items and to refresh your offerings to maintain interest from your clients ands team. 

"our client s love that they can save up points and redeem them against services and products. the fobs are great because our clients are carrying our brand on their car keys!"
Ian Hughes
Opus Hair Design


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