Salon Loyalty scheme

More clients.
More frequently.
For longer.

Give your clients another reason to keep coming back

Loyalty Rewards on mobile

Instant set-up

Start rewarding clients with points with a flip of a switch.

Custom rewards

Reward your clients with discounts, products, and services.

Easy to redeem

Eligible rewards are clearly displayed during checkout - and redeemable with one click.

Reward Points

Many salons adopt a “coffee shop” style of awarding reward points to clients. At Salon App we advocate awarding points based on spend ensuring your highest spending clients are being rewarded at the highest level. We recommend keeping it VERY simple, and award 1 point for each £1 spent… Easy hey?

Reward points

Branded Fobs

Our software is compatible with branded key fobs. We supply branded fobs and even get the artwork done for free. But our reward scheme also works brilliantly without so you can choose based on your own preference and budget.

Branded fobs

It has been proven many times how much less expensive it is to keep an existing client than it is to attract a new one.

Optimise how frequently your clients visit and start increasing their client lifetime with a simple, well thought out loyalty reward scheme.

The right scheme is easy to promote, inexpensive to implement and will achieve great returns.

Discover how to build a Salon Loyalty Scheme with Salon App.

Reward with retail

Salon App rewards can be exchanged for retail products.

Choose which product you would like to promote

Calculate how many rewards points its worth

Showcase the product.

Gift wrapping the product and presenting it to clients goes a long way to adding perceived value to your programme

Reward with retail

Reward with service / treatment

Rewarding with services is popular. Showcasing less commonly booked services adds greater value to your business as it exposes clients to as yet unexperienced results and saves reducing the cost of prebooked services which could impact sales and team commissions.

Reward with service

Discover how to build a Salon Loyalty Scheme with Salon App.

Reward with discount

Salon App rewards can be exchanged for discounts.

Simply calculate how much a batch of points will be worth and when your clients accrue enough points their bill will be reduced by that amount.

Reward with discount

Reward with gift cards

Exchanging rewards for giftcards is a great way to get new clients on the back of your loyalty reward scheme.

Clients can receive gift cards in exchange for their points and gift them to another client often resulting in super warm referrals

Reward with giftcard

Reward points can be currency

Rewards can be a great pacifier. We all experience frustrated clients from time to time and an apology accompanied by “I’ll add 100 points to your account” can go a long way to resolving otherwise potentially damaging situations.

Also a great thank you for a referral!

Thank you