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salon gift cards

Salon Gift Cards offer a quick and easy way to attract new clients 

sell gift cards & online e-gift cards

Who doesn't like a bit of pampering?

sell, track and redeem gift cards with the salon app. we supply fully branded and or white label gift cards and offer a free design service with each order.

they are super simple to sell and redeem and provide your clients with ideal gift solutions. the salon app is also compatible with more traditional paper vouchers which can easily be used.



e-giftcards a more contemporary “online” solution.

generate and track e-gift cards which are emailed to recipients with a personal customised message from the sender

want to find out more?

book a quick call with one of the salon app team by entering your phone number. we’ll call you and let you know how the salon app can help grow your salon. 

What our clients say...

We promoted e-giftcards during lockdown and took over £2000 in less than a week.
It was simple, fast and gave the salon a welcome boost in revenue.
I will absolutely do this again
Sacha New
Wickham Studio
We promoted gift cards at the start of the year and took over £4500 in 2 weeks.
It's an amazing revenue generator
Mark Murray
Cruz Hair Works
Salon gift cards are such a cashflow boost! Twice a year we offer a "Free Top Up" campaign. Clients who buy a £50 card get £60 to spend. It's so simple! one campaign generated over £10,000. clients love it.
Michael Todd
Michael Todd Hairdressing

why sell salon gift cards

when a gift card is sold the revenue is paid in advance by the client and then only redeemed at a later date positively impacting your cashflow. they can be used as marketing collateral to incentivise  clients to purchase them in advance and then spend later. salon app also have the option to “top up” cards with extra value if you choose to offer this.

e-gift cards are a well proven method of increasing revenue and are a no cost feature included in the salon app. simply generate a code, complete who will receive it and add a personal message from the sender.

many times gift cards are purchased by happy loyal clients and gifted to new clients who have yet to experience your salon so a great way to build your clientele. 

one of the hidden benefits is that often a card will be purchased for a “round number” and will have change never used remaining on the card and never spent. 

Design Service

we offer a free design service with every order. See pricing and batch sizes below.  

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