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Make your salon the perfect gift

Salon Gift Cards

Make it easy for your clients to send their friends and family to you by displaying and selling gift cards. 

Everyone loves being spoilt and who doesn’t struggle to find the perfect gift from time to time. 

Salon App supports gift cards, vouchers and e-gift cards giving your clients plenty to choose from. 

To see how Gift Cards could enhance your business book a demo or a callback below. 

Why sell gift cards?


Branded gift cards displayed in the salon creates automatic client awareness with little ongoing effort from you and your team. We all understand what they are immediately and just seeing them will prompt some of your clients to buy them. 

The Salon App offer a free design service and are happy to supply complimentary displays. 


Selling gift cards is a great way to boost cash flow (you get the money in advance) and to attract new clients. 

Displaying cards within your salon raises awareness and inevitably sales from your existing clients, who like all of us sometimes struggle to know what to buy someone for a gift. 


Gift Cards are a powerful promotional tool. The Salon App enables you to “top up” the card providing clients with a good incentive to buy them. “Buy a £100 gift card in August and get £20 free” type promotions work well. They generate cash in advance, encourage your client to gift their friends with a trip to your salon. Client lifetime is increased as we are less likely to try somewhere else if we already have some money to spend with you.


Next time you are asked to donate a prize to the school raffle you can supply beautifully packages and branded gift cards or cards. 

Even the people not winning one will know who you are and see you as a supportive community member. 

The Salon App makes it really easy to generate a card with money added without processing a sale

Seasonal Campains

Seasonal campaigns are a good time to promote gift cards. They make a great Christmas gift, go down a treat on Valentine’s day, show your Mum you love her on Mothers day and appreciation to Dad on Fathers day to just mention a few.

See how they work


Simple and fast to sell . Add a preset barcode if you are using branded cards with barcodes or generate a unique code if you are selling paper vouchers. Either method is fast and simple.


Redemptions are as easy as taking cash. Redeem the whole or part of the value and use them to settle the complete bill or maybe you would pay part gift card and part credit card. Either way, it’s lightning-fast and easy.

e-Gift Cards

A no-cost environmentally kind solution available on all Salon App packages. 

Quick and easy

eGift cards are extremely fast and simple to offer. Built into our till feature they can be processed from any device, given a unique code and then generate a beautifully designed email to either the purchaser or more often the recipient. 

Now your partner will never know just how close they came to not getting a pressie 😅

Environmentally Kind

And the added benefit of no paper or plastic, no post or trip into town in a car.

Everything about these little beauties is great for you, great for your clients and great for the planet. 

What is not to like? 

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What our clients say...

We promoted e-giftcards during lockdown and took over £2000 in less than a week.
It was simple, fast and gave the salon a welcome boost in revenue.
I will absolutely do this again
Sacha New
Wickham Studio
We promoted gift cards at the start of the year and took over £4500 in 2 weeks.
It's an amazing revenue generator
Mark Murray
Cruz Hair Works
Salon gift cards are such a cashflow boost! Twice a year we offer a "Free Top Up" campaign. Clients who buy a £50 card get £60 to spend. It's so simple! one campaign generated over £10,000. clients love it.
Michael Todd
Michael Todd Hairdressing

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