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Open. Even when you are closed

Get appointments from your website and social channels 24/7

Get more appointments with online booking

Over 30% of online bookings happen while you are closed. Using online booking (included at no extra cost) in The Salon App is like having a receptionist on duty 24/7. 

No more responding to clients messaging you out of hours. Arriving at work to more appointments than you had when you left becomes the new normal.

Salon App will even book the most efficient time and avoid leaving any of those irritating gaps you are unlikely to fill.  

Arrange a demo or call back to see the impact online booking would have on your business. 

Monetise your website and social channels

Display Book Now clearly on your website and social channels and watch the bookings come in.

Salon App makes it simple for you to specify which team members and which services are available online.

Create a beautiful with easy configuration in both desktop and mobile formats.

Save your clients time by allowing them to book their favourite team member and service regardless of if you are open or closed. 

Follow up Services

Worried about clients booking a colour with no cut or finish? Or booking the cut first and your diary being messed up? 

No need The Salon App will partner with appropriate services and remove the possibility of your client making the booking incorrectly.

They get the service they wanted and you can relax knowing all is booked correctly. 

No Show Protection

Deposits  reduce No Shows

With The Salon App you have the choice to add a deposit to some or all services, because they are longer than a pre-set time or cost more. You can exclude clients (so your Mum can book without paying) or you can charge the full amount upfront.

Whatever your policy The Salon App will have it covered.

And unlike a few of our competitors, we don’t take a percentage of your client’s bill 😉

What our clients say...

“Our clients are happy to leave deposits when booking online. Since introducing this, no shows and last minute cancellations just don't happen anymore”
Caroline Sanderson testimonial
Caroline Sanderson
salon owner, business coach and author
I just love the Salon App online booking. It's easy and simple to use. I can choose which treatments and therapists are available. Clients used to direct message me at all times and now they book their own appointment and I arrive at the salon with more bookings in the diary than were there when I left!
Rachel McGowan
Rachel Clarke
facefacts buxton

Availability Checker

Your clients can see at a glance if there are bookings available for several days at a time. 

So if your client is looking for a cut and colour next week she can quickly scroll until there is some availability and book in a couple of clicks. 

No need to go to each page at time just scroll and click. 

AI Optimised Start Times

Unusable 15 minute gaps in your busy diary are frustrating. Unfillable time slots will have a negative impact on your performance. 

The Salon App uses AI (artificial intelligence) to optimise your start times. Only efficient start times are made available to the clients that will give you the best opportunities to fill your diary and remove wasted time. 

salon app demo

Watch a short video overview, see a few of the features available and see the look and feel of how the platform might work for you. 

Client Profile

Your clients can manage their own profiles in your inline booking. They can simply update card types, see a booking history and pending appointmernts.

Bookings can be remade and cancelled making you being called away from a client to speak on the phone even less common place .

Book a Presentation

Book a realtime presentation with a salon software expert over Zoom. 

See how to save time, increase sales and get more new clients

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