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book from anywhere, anytime

remove the bottle neck of one booking at a time and having to leave clients to answer the phone.

create a socially distant reception that remains open 24/7

What our clients say...

“our clients have been really happy to leave deposits when booking online. since introducing this, no shows and last minute cancellations just don't happen anymore”
Caroline Sanderson testimonial
Caroline Sanderson
salon owner, business coach and author
i just love the salon app online booking system. it's easy and simple to use. i can choose which treatments and therapists are available. people used to direct message me at all times of the day and night and now they book their own appointment and i arrive at the salon with more bookings in the diary than were there when i left!
Rachel McGowan
Rachel Clarke
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over 70% of online bookings happen after hours

how many times do you see a client and they tell you they have been meaning to call for ages? more than 70% of salon online bookings take place out of hours. online booking is like having front of house cover 24/7 that never goes sick, is always working just how you want it to and doesn’t even take a salary. salon app will add online booking to your website and your social channels and we also offer a complimentary salon app online booking widget so when your clients book online they stay on your website throughout the process. save time leaving clients to answer the phone and returning voicemails. give your clients the flexibility to use a modern booking system whenever it suits them wherever they happen to be. 

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STOP client no shows and cancellations  with no show protection

remember that sinking feeling when a client has booked out a 3 hour booking and then no shows? salons are selling time and once passed the opportunity is gone you just have to sit and hope for a walk in at a fraction of the cost of the missed appointment if you are lucky.


well no more, the salon app allows you to add no show protection by taking a deposit when your clients book online.


you can set it to trigger when a booking reaches a minimum duration or value, on a clients first booking or you can let the salon app smart setting choose taking into consideration no show and cancellation history. 


you can set the deposit amount as a minimum value or percentage.

online bookings from your facebook page

use facebook to make it easier for your clients to book online. our team will help you add this powerful tool to your facebook page so it’s always visible when your audience is checking out your posts. engage with your clients and watch the bookings flood in. 

online booking widget

let us remove the uncertainty of positioning your online booking link in the correct website location for you. Included free is our stylish “booking widget” that always sits in the right place and will open your online booking panel in an iFrame so your visitors stay on your site after they have made their booking. 

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