Build a thriving salon team

Attract more new clients with 5* Google reviews

mobile view of the salon app leaderboard


Discover how your clients rate their experience and publish 5* Google reviews


See the percentage of your clients that make rebookings, and which team member has the best rate.


Boost your retail sales by measuring what your team members sell.

Average Bill

Take a closer look at everyones average bill, see who earns the most

Ratings & Reviews

Increase Client Retention by providing your team with client feedback and ratings. Team Members who’s clients are asked for feedback consistently get higher customer ratings and retain more clients

Salon App Leaderboard will automatically message clients after a visit asking them for feedback. All responses are displayed in Leaderboard and 5* Reviews are redirected to Google.

Salons receiving regular and high ranking Googles Reviews on average receive more than twice the number of new clients than salons not receiving reviews.

Ratings and reviews


It’s impossible to increase the number of clients rebooking without increasing sales.

Typically high rebooking rates are maintained by more established team members BUT Leaderboard will allow your team to see how they compare to their colleagues and also the salon average.

Rebooking increases client frequency and lifetime value and is a proven way to increase staff confidence.


Retail Percentage

Often referred to as a “Care Factor” the percentage of clients buying retail provides insights into the conversations taking place in your salon.

Are team members just “chatting” or are they steering the conversation towards the clients maintaining results at home in between appointments.

Leaderboard will display the accurate percentage and also display how colleagues compare to each other and against the salon average.

Retail percentage