The power of Digital Consultation Forms for salon consent: A game changer for salon professionals

• Written by Colin Shove

The power of Digital Consultation Forms for salon consent: A game changer for salon professionals

We're back with a topic that every salon owner needs to take note of - Salon Consent Forms.

As professionals in the beauty industry, we all understand the importance of obtaining consent from our clients before performing various treatments. However, the traditional way of obtaining consent, through paper forms, can often be time-consuming and difficult to manage. But don't fret, there's a solution to this conundrum - Digital Consultation Forms for Salon Consent!

Here at The Salon App, we have created a digital solution that simplifies the process of obtaining consent, while ensuring that your salon remains fully compliant and offers an outstanding client experience. So, let's get into the benefits, shall we?

Benefits to Your Salon


Our digital consultation forms for salon consent can be automatically generated for selected appointment types. Say goodbye to the last-minute scramble to prepare forms.


With an e-signature feature, these online consultation forms provide a verifiable confirmation from your clients, ensuring your salon is always in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Secure Integration

The Salon App integrates these completed forms securely within a client's profile. This not only ensures the secure storage of information but also provides you with easy access to your clients' records, helping to streamline future appointments.

Benefits to Your Clients


Your clients can complete the forms either remotely or in person. They receive the form via text or email ahead of their appointment, offering them the flexibility to fill it out in their own time.


The digital consultation form provides a clear explanation of the treatment procedures and associated risks if any, helping to reassure clients about their safety and the professionalism of your salon.


Filling out the form ahead of their appointment can help clients feel more involved in their salon experience. They'll appreciate your salon's commitment to transparency and the efficient use of their time.

Putting It Into Practice

So, how does it work? When you book an appointment that requires consent, The Salon App automatically generates a digital consultation form for salon consent. This is sent to your client via text or email, based on their preference.

Your client can then fill out the form at their convenience, providing all the necessary information and adding their e-signature for confirmation. If they prefer to complete the form in person, they can do so on a tablet when they arrive for their appointment.

Once completed, the form is automatically integrated into the client's profile within The Salon App. This means you can easily access the information for future appointments, and it's securely stored in compliance with data protection regulations.

So, there you have it! The use of digital consultation forms for salon consent forms is transforming the way we operate in the salon industry. They offer convenience, efficiency, and enhanced transparency, benefiting both your salon and your clients.

Isn't it time you hopped on board the digital revolution and transformed the way you handle salon consent forms? Trust us, your team and your clients will thank you for it!

Until next time, keep shining and keep innovating!

Written by Colin Shove

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