Double new clients framework - Referrals

• Written by Colin Shove

Colin Shove introducing the double new clients framework part 4, Referrals

Convert your Google reviews into Warm Salon Referrals

There are many referral strategies but in this article we focus on the reviews process.

Receiving referrals is lovely. A client who is recommended to you will be looking forward to their initial appointment with you. They will already trust you and therefore rapport can be relatively instant. Converting a referral into a long term regular client is easier than somebody booking on spec.

A client who has taken the time to leave a 5 star review is more engaged with you at that time and it’s a great opportunity to get a referral.

How to leverage reviews to get referrals:

When your client leaves a glowing review contact them personally to thank them. You can do this over the phone or send a message, email or even a card.

Tell them how grateful you are for their review. Tell them it made you feel great and your boss (if you have one) is thrilled. Then ask them if they know anyone else who may enjoy visiting the salon. Keep this authentic and polite. The goal here is to optimise the goodwill without taking advantage so don't be pushy.

For Salon App clients this is easy. Create a campaign so that when a client gives a 5 star rating trigger a message using a personalised script.

Adding to your clientele is done with marginal gains. A consistent measured approach will see client numbers increase, and over time this will have a positive impact on your sales and commissions.

Think of it like this? A busy team member will average between 25 and 30 clients a week. If you constantly increase your clientele by 12 each month (or 3 a week) you will add the equivalent of a busy team member every 3 months.

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Written by Colin Shove

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