The double new client framework

• Written by Colin Shove

Colin Shove introducing the double new clients framework

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The quick way to pack your salon full of new clients.

If you want more new clients read on and discover The Double Your New Clients Framework.

As a salon owner or manager the chances are very high that you would like more new clients. In a survey we found 97% of salon owners said they would like to increase the number of new clients they attract.

Our data shows that on average a salon owner with a team of 5 will generate almost half of all service sales. While team productivity (excluding the owner) was just over 50%. So for each 5 days scheduled the team generated sales for less than three days. More than two days being paid but not generating income.

Unsurprisingly this causes you (the owner) frustration, you probably think “Why can’t they do more work?” It's also frustrating for the team member who is thinking “Why don’t they get me more clients?”

If it costs 10 times more to gain a new client than keep an existing one, (many of us accept this folklore as fact). How much more must it cost to recruit a new team member? By the time you have trained and onboarded them, invested the time for them to establish a clientele? Surely there is a powerful argument for investing some time and effort into your existing team as opposed to waiting until they become so disillusioned they look for opportunities elsewhere and you start all over again.

Remember how it feels when you hire a new team member? Optimism and hope? “Maybe this one will make the difference.” What happens from when they start full of promise to when they leave dejected and demotivated only to become the next salon owner's wonderful opportunity?

A successful team member enjoys more status, they receive more referrals and have higher client retention. They generate more revenue and even though they cost more they are better value. You are delighted and your employee enjoys a higher standard of living and more self worth.

Where do your new clients come from now? Most salon owners say word of mouth. For you, the owner this may be true but for the most part new clients just walk in. If you exclude weekends a huge percentage of walk-in clients arrive at lunchtime and at the end of the day. Often when your team member is just about to sit down to lunch or getting ready to leave for the day. Are those clients always receiving the best your team has to offer?

To bump up these numbers and accelerate the speed at which your team can become established, get more satisfaction, earn a better living and become more profitable for you use The Double Your New Clients Framework

Download it here and get started.

Watch the intro video here

Written by Colin Shove

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