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• Written by Colin Shove

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The status quo

You are probably aware that the majority of your revenue comes from one or two services or treatments. For example, in a hairdressing salon, this will be a Cut and Finish and a Manicure in Nail Salons.

Provide your best loved clients with an exceptional service that is thoughtful, fair to your team and guaranteed to build loyalty.

What does this mean to you?

It means that the majority of the profit you are making in your business comes from one service: the Cut & Finish. It’s your bread and butter.

Many salons offer a “Coffee Shop” style loyalty reward scheme. Their clients get a card stamped for each visit, and when they fill the card get a discount or free service.

Average bills are often well in excess of £50. Clients are visiting your salon for a little luxury, not because they need to. Therefore to discount, a service they were going to have any way has little impact.

It does, however:

  • Impact your team’s income potential
  • Reduce your profitability
  • Negatively impact staff morale The worst part is, this sort of loyalty scheme doesn’t actually encourage loyalty and many clients hardly even notice.

Introducing a better solution

Rather than discounting and all the problems that come with it, consider a data-driven, better type of client loyalty reward scheme.

Powered by Salon App, you can provide your best loved clients with an exceptional service that is thoughtful, fair to your team and guaranteed to build loyalty.

Consider this situation: Clients receive points based on spend as opposed to visits; the more they spend the more points they earn. Showcase a product you wish to promote, that will have “high perceived value”. When your client has enough points, tell her what she is going to receive as her loyalty reward today. Explain the benefits and even demonstrate it. In other words sell it even though no money will change hands. When your client checks out, present her with the product gift wrapped. Put it in a nice bag, you could even add some fancy tissue paper but mostly, remember to say thank you!

What would you prefer? A wrapped, thoughtful gift to thank you for your loyalty or ten quid off a £60 bill? This is so much more effective than a simple discount.


  • Protects your team members’ pockets and your salon’s bottom line
  • Gets buy-in from your team because they’re not offering discounts
  • It makes your salon top of mind when your client is ready for their next appointment
  • Is a minimal investment: you gift at at cost, your client receives at retail
  • Is free marketing: your clients more likely to tell their friends about their gift

As you can see, this sort of loyalty model is bound to be effective. It’ll make your client, your team and salon’s bank statement happy, and is just one of the many benefits the Salon App can deliver to your business. If you’d like to speak to our team about how Salon App can deliver better client loyalty

Written by Colin Shove

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