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bookings while you sleep

see here how to activate salon app inline bookings


get paid in for december in november

make december awesome and get paid for it in november


invite clients onto your wait list

simple campaign to add clients to your salon app waiting list


create a wait list

see how to create a wait list to be added to your website, social channels and marketing campaigns


Create a new Team Schedule

a simple step by step guide to add a new schedule to a team member


alternating team schedule

simple steps to add and edit an alternating shift pattern. 

#online booking deposits

no show protection deposits

see how to make no shows history with online booking deposits


team permissions access

see how to give safe and controlled access to team members


text, email & print a clients future bookings

simple guide to provide your clients a list of her future appointments


navigate a week at a time from the diary

quickly and easily navigate your diary a week forward at a time


edit a bill after payment 

edit and update bills processed in error after they have been completed


add expiry dates to gift cards

utilise the option to add an expiry date to a gift card 


add edit & rename breaks

quickly and simply add, rename and edit breaks

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