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why remote presentations?

our presentations are carried out using Zoom. since lockdown most of us have heard of this and in fact used it. it allows you to meet with a member of our team wherever you want to be. work, home & we have even carried out demos with potential clients in their garden! 

choosing to the right salon software for your salon business is an important decision so its great to be able to get yourself away from any noise and distractions, all you need is a laptop, tablet or even your mobile. 

we can record the demo (with your permission) so you can watch it again and share with any other decision makers without having to try and remember everything that was said.

it is also socially distanced so no need to worry about being able to see the screen or hand sanitiser! 

you don’t have a sales person “campaign out” in your space drinking endless cups of tea and you get to end the meeting whenever you want! 


We look forward to meeting you