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Maximise Salon Performance with Simple, Proven Marketing Campaigns

If you struggle with salon marketing, here’s everything you need to get started.

40 Proven Marketing Strategies. Save Time and Make More Money!





to get your whole team working at capacity, reaching potential and increasing revenue you have to master salon marketing

but there’s a problem…

  • you run a full column of clients & don’t have time
  • you are unsure what to promote 
  • marketing can be expensive
  • you don’t really know how to do it

here’s the solution

learn how to separate your clients into targeted groups to get predictably high responses 

what will i get?

You’ll be a able to build a powerful marketing plan which will dramatically improve your salon performance.

By segmenting your clients into three categories, your messaging will be fine tuned & personal. You’ll get greater responses from each campaign.

Sending personal, specific content builds rapport more quickly. We all respond better to something that feels personal to us as opposed to a generic “one size fits all” marketing message. 

Once you know which client categories to speak to and what to say, you will see more new clients, greater retention and client frequency. It’s also far less expensive to contact smaller client groups. 

the report 24 pages of suggestions and insights, a yearly marketing calendar & 40 marketing ideas including some step by step guides. 

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We're Salon App Global

we build software for hairdressing and beauty professionals. 

the salon app simplifies salon performance managing bookings, payments, online booking, marketing, stock control, reporting and all aspects of salon management and performance.

most of all its simple, fast and world class. 

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