more clients - more often - spending more - for longer

the way a salon communicates with clients in between salon appointments will dramatically effect the average spend, client frequent and lifetime as well as the number of clients that a salon is looking after on a regular basis. 


the trick to striking the correct tone is to say what the client would like to hear when they would like to hear it. At the salon app we have spent years studying this and have used artificial intelligence along with plenty of real life experience to write algorithms to take care of this problem for you. 

our marketing has been segmented into three categories. 

Just brilliant! the salon app generates messages automatically and I stand back and watch the diary full up.
Vee O'Rourke
So Hairdressing

Diary Fillers

diary fillers are “what is on the tin” campaigns. Used to fill up last minute space. By using the salon app to forecast revenues in advance by team members will identify any areas that could be improved. identifying a team member with space and then contacting clients likely to respond can transform your salons performance. We supply you with many templates that can be used for both text and email. You can either use the content as it is or easily use it to stimulate your own thoughts and easily edit it. 

Unplanned Campaigns

All salon owners have experienced that “unforeseen event” where something happens and the diary suddenly has more white space that it did before. It might be something as incongruous as unexpected change ion the weather a national event where suddenly England are playing in the world cup final! As likely it could be that a team member has arrived asking for a word and presents you with a resignation letter. 

These events are not truly inforseen as theyt have happened before and will probably happen again. At the salon app we have numerous templates ready for you to implement at such a time which means you get straight on with running your business as opposed to worrying about what to do next. 

Planned Campaigns

The Salon App has a campaign schedular which allows you to create your marketing plan ahead of time. You can then create )or use our) content and schedule it to run ahead of time. 

This works beautifully at several times of the year like January, valentines, Summer and Christmas to mention a few. 

Just set them up in advance and forget all about them. 

I routinely use the marketing suite in the salon app. Its simple and straightforward and I love that I can do this ad of time. The last campaign I sent received a response rate in excess of £2000!
Sue Ottah
Sue Jane Hairdressing

Smart Campaigns

automatic "set & forget" marketing campaigns


make sure the maximum number of new clients return to your salon. We recommend a three prong approach where clients are sent a welcome message shortly after their initial appointment and then if they have not rebooked after a few weeks a small incentive is sent followed by a more generous one if there is still no response.We also recommend a repeating this after a second visit to really ensure that we have engaged well with the client.

Salons we work with see engagement with new clients imropve by as much as 50%. 



The salon app will automatically identify when a client is overdue for their next booking and automatically generate a message with an incentive for them to come back. Typically salons experience a 40% return in clients who have up until that point slipped away. 


Non returning clients are low hanging fruit in the marketing world with the old saying its easier to win back an existing client than to get a new one. 


Nurturing existing client relationships is proven to positively impact both client frequency and lifetime. there are several campaigns that can automatically run from reminding your client they are due to book their next appointment t to wishing them a happy birthday. 


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