Here’s how a salon owner made £1750 in a week during lockdown

Sacha New opened her salon Wickham Studios in 2002 after managing Jingles training Academy in London. She has spent the best part of 2 decades building a business and like many was not expecting to have to close her salon for what would turn out to be 3 months at the end of March. 

Sacha has maintained contact with her team and clients throughout lockdown and made the best of the situation generally, however I wanted to share how she generated £1750 from one small campaign while her salon was closed. 

Sacha New

Wickham Studio

“After a couple of weeks it struck me that people were impacted by lockdown differently. Some felt quite vulnerable and very restricted in their daily routines; unable to get to the shops or visit the salon and of course there are many with very real commercial and financial worries. 

I decided to use our salon software to send a text campaign and offer clients an incentive to save some money when we reopened in return for showing us some support now while we are closed. 

I contacted my most regular clients and simply offered to top up any £50 gift card by £10 if they purchased it now. I was able to use the new e-Gift Card feature in The Salon App to easily generate a card and then email the client a gift email with their unique code.

The response was lovely. Not only did we receive £1750 in sales within a week but as importantly it opened up a communication giving me the opportunity to talk some clients many contacting us to keep in touch even if they were unable to purchase an e-gift card due to their own lockdown pressures.”

What Sacha did here was so very impressive.

She recognised that although everyone was affected by the Covid Pandemic and subsequent lockdown that many people had different concerns. She then used her salon software to identify the clients likely to respond, made valuable contact with her clients and generated valuable income when it was most needed. 

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