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1. Visibility

See how to increase your online visibility by getting your Google Business Profile "Match Fit". 97% of clients look for local businesses on Google, with 65% of your website visits originating from your profile.

2. Trust

Pack your profile full of 5 star reviews and watch warm new clients come flooding in! Social proof is rocket fuel to any salon business. The Salon App will automatically send follow up messages to the right clients at the right time ensuring your profile receives daily 5 star reviews.

3. Referrals

Referrals are the best new clients with the highest retention rate. Leveraging 5 star reviews will consistently generate referrals. 3 referrals a week is the equivalent to a busy team member joining your team every 6 months.

4. Paid Ads

Now you are boosting sales it's time to use the Salon App client export to build a lookalike audience and run targeted cost effective Facebook and Instagram ads to your "Ideal Clients" living and working near you.

5. Cold Client Campaigns

There is a treasure chest of contacts in your salon database just waiting to receive your irresistible offer to return to your salon and experience the VERY best of what you have to offer! You’ll see how to predictably turn these unengaged contacts into high value loyal clients.

The Framework

5 simple processes guaranteed to drive more new clients to your salon business than ever before.

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