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Thanks for taking the time to book a Salon App Presentation. We are excited to share the many benefits of running The Salon App to optimise your business. 

What will you get?

Front of House

Fast and simple booking and payments processes accessible from any number of devices simultaneously enables you to move “front of house” to wherever you want it to be.

Automatically Increase and track re-bookings and average bills while implementing loyalty points and rewards. 

Easily sell gift cards (and e-gift cards). Package up services & product Bundles and update stock control.

Voice Transcription Client Notes and much more. 

Business Reporting

Easily track team performance. See live average bills, rebooking rates and projected booking value. 

Separate service and retail sales and compare performance between team members. 

Identify New Clients, Top Spending and Identify overdue clients. 

Easily track Petty Cash, Discounts, Deposits and Gift Card balances and transactions. 

Every you need to manage your business finances and team performance. 

Salon Marketing

See how to segment clients to ensure that every-time you communicate with your clients each one will feel like you are “speaking to just them” regardless how many you contact. 

Use our Engage, Nurture and Re-Connect method to gain more clients, increase retention, frequency and client lifetime. See how to predictable “win back” lost clients. 

Share All Client Ratings with your team. Understand what your clients actually think and push happy clients to your Google Profile. 

Get a Head Start with a free Marketing Report

If you struggle with salon marketing, here’s everything you need to get started.

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Our Virtual Meeting will be on Zoom

We use Zoom so you get the best Online Meeting Experience

HD Video & Audio

High quality video & audio optimise the meeting experience

Optional Recording

You can record our meeting and share it with colleagues when making your final decision.

Multi Device

Use any device to attend our virtual presentation.

Plans to suit salons of all sizes

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Perfect for smaller salons
£ 40
Monthly (Billed Monthly)
  • online booking
  • email marketing
  • text marketing
  • auto confirmations
  • giftcards
  • e-giftcards
  • reports
  • stock control
  • wait list
  • bundles
  • security permissions
  • phone support
  • live chat


everything in starter +
£ 60
Monthly (Billed Monthly)
  • online deposits
  • loyalty programme
  • client ratings
  • team scorecard
  • free training forever


everything in pro +
£ 80
Monthly (Billed Monthly)
  • digital consultations

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